A Century of Relativity | Permanent exposition of fine arts of the 20th century

The presentation portrays the best of a broad spectrum of works which often contradict each other in ideas and styles, and which have been included in the Olomouc Museum of Art’s collections and permanent exposition of 20 th century art in the Central European context. In addition to the basic directions and trends in Czech modern art of that period they also include artworks by artists in exile as well as prominent Polish, Hungarian, and Slovak artists.

O.2853: Victor Vasarely: Terek O.2703: Tadeusz Kantor: Still Life Figure O.2600: István Nádler: Active Yellow

Central European Art Database

CEAD third phase 2017–2018

The Central European Art Database (CEAD) is a dynamic online database of visual arts and culture of Central Europe after the WWII. The database content is primarily focused on the cultural scene and artistic manifestations in the V4 countries. The main part of the CEAD project is a detailed research of key artistic figures who were actively involved in the development of culture in the given area. The project aims to create an open interactive archive of cultural memory with an emphasis on social and international context.
The CEAD is a project of the Olomouc Museum of Art and many participating institution. The project is funded by the International Visegrad Fund, in the form of the Strategic (2011–2014) and the Standard Grant in two consecutive periods (2015–2016) (2017–2018).



Eksploruj przestrzeń CEAD

CEAD prezentuje autorów w ich pracowniach i na wystawach również za pośrednictwem filmów. Oprócz własnej działalności aktywnie współpracuje również z innymi podmiotami i umożliwia przeglądanie obrazów stworzonych przez te podmioty. Dołączcie do nas w ślad za Telewizją Czeską czy Wydziałem Akademii Sztuk Pięknych i pomóżcie nam rozbudować CEAD video space!
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