20 Kwiecień - 5 Sierpień 2018, Brno
Moravian Gallery in Brno

The exhibition of computer art at the Moravian Gallery in Brno commemorates the anniversary of Valoch's curatorial project from 1968, which was one of the first world presentations of computer graphics and will focus on the historical reflection of the phenomenon of the creation of computer art in the 60s and 70s. In the second part of the exhibition is representing Zdeněk Sýkora's paintings next to the LGP-30 computer model, whose calculations were used by Sýkora in his work.

In February 1968, Jiří Valoch organised the Computer Graphics exhibition at the Brno House of Arts (with repeated showing at the Regional Gallery in Jihlava, March 1968, and the Regional Gallery in Gottwaldov (today Zlín), April 1968). He preceded by half a year the opening of the Cybernetic Serendipity show (curator: Jasia Reichardt, ICA, London, August 1968) now canonised in art history; in its time presented as the very first international exhibition dedicated to the relationship between art and technology. 

The exhibition will present the work of the artists taking part in Valoch's project from 1968, which falls within the beginnings of computer graphic, but will also examine the application of computerised processes in creating paintings, architectural structures (in the Czech Republic mainly Zdeněk Sýkora), as well as include the first visionary proclamations and critical reflection of the influence of automated processes in the sphere of conceptual art and visual culture in general, which were, for example, an essential element in the work of the New Tendencies group (1961-1973, Croatia). At the general level, the concept of the exhibition will highlight the coordinates that are shared between the work of an artist and a scientist. The focus will be laid on the issue of mutations in the artistic idiom at the moment when its possible expressions are enhanced by the possibility of controlled randomness, operating system and automated process.

Curators: Ondřej Chrobák, Pavel Kappel, Jana Písaříková
Moravian Gallery in Brno - Pražák Palace

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