MONODIALOGY. Jozef Jankovič and Palo Macho

October 10 - October 21 2016, Budapest
Exhibiting artists

MONODIALOGY is the exhibition of Jozef Jankovič and Palo Macho, two Slovak personalities, who are one of the major representatives of the local artistic scene. The exhibition is held under the Café Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival in MKISZ - Andrássy Gallery.

Jozef Jankovič (1937) starting worked in the 1960s in opposition to the political regime and official aesthetic values. His early works are exciting combinations of found objects, figurative and non-figurative elements. Jankovič’s art blurs the line between sculpture and painting in a compelling and very original manner.
Originally studying to be a painter, Palo Macho (1965) went on to specialize in various glass techniques. He began his studies in the Czech Republic, earned his diploma in Bratislava, and went on to hone his skills in France (Saint-Étienne, Paris). Besides the art of glass, he is also interested in literature, and has released volumes of poetry.

Muzeum umění Olomouc 2011-2016