Tendencije 4 / Tendencies 4: Computers and Visual Research

May 5 - July 30 1969, Zagreb
August 2 - August 8 1968, Zagreb
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Exhibiting artists

Tendencies 4 (t4, 1968/69) were open for one year and adopted a festival form rather than that of an exhibition. The programme consisted of an international colloquium, seminars, competitions, film projections, and various exhibitions, as well as a music biennial. Events were taking place on various locations, while the presented artworks and discussions were covered by the title Computers and Visual Research. Among the present artists, one should mention the pioneers of computer art: Frieder Nake, Michael Noll, and Georg Nees.

Nova tendencija 3 / New tendency 3 (group exhibition, 1965)
Tendencije 5 / Tendencies 5 (group exhibition, 1973)

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