(DES)ORIENTATION?, 2011, 2012, 2013

Magdalena Jetelová

mirror foils, writing, electronics

spatial installation The installation of large-size mirror walls and their motion disturbs the common perception of space. The dynamic character of the foils dissolves the contours of reality and turns them into an irreal picture, which prevents man from reliably identifying the surroundings and oneself. Paradoxically only the quotation and the phrases on the mirrors remain motionless and legible, in spite of the movement of the surrounding area. The feeling of losing one’s own being and its fixed place in space invites questions about our historical development, the future heading towards a better perception and understanding one’s own position.

was created at Benátky
was created at Poznań
was created at Olomouc

Glasstress 2011 (group exhibition, 2011)
3. Mediations Biennale: Niepojmowalne / The Unknown (group exhibition, 2012)
Magdalena Jetelová | (DES)ORIENTATION? Projects from 1982–2013 (solo exhibition, 2013)

Copyright Magdalena Jetelová

is similar to Magdalena Jetelová, Abflug, (installation)
is similar to Magdalena Jetelová, Landscape of Transformation, 2010 (installation)

(DES)ORIENTATION?. Magdalena Jetelová. Central European Art Database. [online]. 07/07/2020

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