Laco Teren

Laco Teren

Born June 11 1960, Bratislava
Lived in Bratislava

A representative of the generation of Slovak artists who entered the scene with an avant-garde programme of "New Painting" in the second half of the 1980's (Daniel Brunovský, Stano Bubán, Simona Bubánová-Tauchmannová, Ivan Csudai, Svetozár Ilavský, Dan Jurkovič, Jozef Šramka). He was one of the few to address the cultural and social situation of the country at that time through his humorous and aggressive paintings. His attempt to escape grey reality resulted in a spontaneous artistic expression in the spirit of postmodernism and neo-expressionism.

painting, drawing, object


His early works were characterized by quotations of the symbols of socialist realism (various agricultural and industrial machines), which in his expressive large-format presentation (which is typical for the Western style of painting) represented a discord with the ruling socialistic propaganda.


Rockfest 87 (public program, Prague)
Confrontation VI. (Praha, 1987) (group exhibition, Prague)


Dance of Death
Dance of Death (painting)
T.U.U.L (painting)

Ivan Csudai, Laco Teren (group exhibition, Bratislava)


Received grant from Stiftung Binz39
Jiří Kovanda, Gabriel Hošovský, Laco Teren (solo exhibition, Steyr)
Early Spring (group exhibition, Prague)


Dream about Museum (group exhibition, Žilina)
Art, Europe, Czechoslovakia (group exhibition, Lingen (Ems))
Dal grottesco al magico/ From the Grotesque to the Magical (group exhibition, Rome)


(Laco Teren) (solo exhibition, Steyr)
Grey Brick 34/1993 (group exhibition, Klatovy)
The nearby Meeting Bratislava - Amsterdam (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Jacob and the Angel (group exhibition, Prague)


Marginalia: Art of the 90' in Slovakia (group exhibition, Žilina)


Laco Teren – Our Paradise is Your Hell (solo exhibition, Olomouc)


Over the years, he has developed his own symbols which focus on the banality, consumption, and kitsch which increasingly permeates society. He was influenced by the surrounding environment, and it still influences the scope of his themes. With the feel of surrealism, he incorporates seemingly heterogeneous elements into the whole painting, in order to capture the uniqueness of the surrounding world. He uses various materials such as ceramics, marble and glass with which he creates three-dimensional objects. The way he processes figures and portraits refers further and deeper to his memory. He deliberately draws inspiration from painted icons and Romanesque heads of the Old Testament kings, which objectivize the face to its basic elements. By breaking the symmetry because of the inaccuracy of the eye, he reflects a change in the visual perception of history, which is totally dependent on technical progress and today's new media. His return to his roots has been reflected to some extent in his traditional approach to still life and the models he arranged and painted in his studio. The resulting still lifes were absolutely original and emphasized the richness of forms and shapes of the world of vegetables, which he combined, with a typical artist's ease, with the world of people. The titles, which constitute an integral part of his works, reach beyond the usual framework of the message and together form a single whole.


20th Century - History of Slovak Visual Arts (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Art in Central Europe 1949–1999 (group exhibition, Barcelona)
100th Exhibition of Caesar Gallery (group exhibition, Olomouc)


From Collection 1st Slovak Investment Group (group exhibition, Bratislava)
From Aquisitions 1990 – 2001 (group exhibition, Banská Bystrica )
Slowakische Träume (group exhibition, Passau)


Worked at


The Second Touch (group exhibition, Brno)


Man Hero Spirit Machine (group exhibition, Bratislava)
IN(TER)MEDIA(S)RES (group exhibition, Žilina)



PBBK80: Prague/Brno/Bratislava/Cologne - 80s (group exhibition, Prague)
Collection / Selection / Mikulov Art Symposium Workshop 1994 - 2010 (group exhibition, Prague)
E.A. 1/2 (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Artists of the Archive (group exhibition, Prague)


La Belle Peinture 2 (group exhibition, Bratislava)
Century of Relativity. Permanent Exhibition of 20th Century Fine Arts (group exhibition, Olomouc)


Laco Teren: Come on home, Odysseus (solo exhibition, Dolný Kubín)


Laco Teren: Nothing Can Stop Us! (solo exhibition, Bratislava)

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