Marián Mudroch

Marián Mudroch

Born June 25 1945, Bratislava
Died July 31 2019, Bratislava

Marián Mudroch, a member of the strong generation of Slovak artists who appeared in the early 1970s, helped shape the latest trends on the art scene – mail art, action art. He excelled in exploring the possibilities of printmaking and in a unique way also developed and advanced the medium of drawing.
(Šárka Belšíková)

Photo: Denník N – Peter Stanley Procházka

painting, drawing, conceptual art, graphics


Studies in the Photography Department of the Secondary School of the Arts in Bratislava.


studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava in the newly established Department of Glass in Architecture under Professor Václav Cígler, who becomes a major influence on Mudroch. Among other things, Cígler introduced his pupils to the current conceptual and land art trends, which directed Mudroch away from traditional media. He spent his third year of study in the figural painting studio with his father, Professor Ján Mudroch, a major figure in Slovak modernism who was behind the establishment of the Slovak National Gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. Marián Mudroch did not follow in his father's footsteps


The 1st Open Studio (group exhibition, Bratislava)


Marián Mudroch enters the art scene together with a generationally strong group (later the A-R Group). The activities of this group of artists stood in opposition to normalisation culture and were mostly developed in private or semi-official ways. Mudroch collaborated on various art events, especially with V. Jakubík, V. Kordoš, A. Mlynárčik (action, mail art - BRAPATOKUK, 1971). He also published samizdat literature. Convergence, 1976 – an extensive print series in which he layered a highly reduced portrait of his father and a reproduction of Rembrandt's portrait. He intensively researched the technological possibilities of offset and pioneered the technique of photographic transmission. Convergence II, 1979 – another conceptual approach, this time with Mudroch exploring the possibilities of offset and screen printing, choosing a footprint of man on the moon juxtaposed with Peruvian geoglyphs as his subject. His art in the 1980s was dominated by works on paper, especially his innovative approach to the medium of printmaking (Kontemplace a Meditace [Contemplation and Meditation], 1980
Brapatokuk (artist's book)


teaches at the Folk School of Art in Batkova Street, Bratislava.


Cinvergence I
Cinvergence I (graphics)
Convergence II
Convergence II (graphics)
Convergence III
Convergence III (graphics)


Slovakian Applied Arts (group exhibition, Vilnius)


Marián Mudroch: Graphics (solo exhibition, Brno)
Slovak Graphic Creation 1970 - 1978 (group exhibition, Olomouc)


Drawing III.
Drawing III. (drawing)


Marián Mudroch: Graphics - drawings (solo exhibition, Český Těšín)


teaches at the Secondary School of the Arts in Bratislava.
3. Biennale der Europäischen Grafik Baden-Baden (group exhibition, Baden-Baden)


Concentration (graphics)

Marián Mudroch: Graphics (solo exhibition, Bratislava)
Guests of the Gallery H (group exhibition, )


...Igorovi Kalnému (group exhibition, Bratislava)


In the early 1990s, Marián Mudroch switches from dominant offset lithography to drawing, which again gives him space to look for new approaches. He first created illusive geometric spaces (1990–94), then moves drawing to a new medium and, in pioneering fashion, begins to work with neon and laser (Kresba neonem I-IV [Neon Drawing I-IV], 1995
Interpretácia (group exhibition, Bratislava)


Minisalon (group exhibition, Prague)


Marián Mudroch: In an Open Space (solo exhibition, Bratislava)


Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.
Těšba 70/80 (group exhibition, Frýdek-Místek)


Kalendáře pro Jindru Štreita (group exhibition, )



Out of the City. Land Art (group exhibition, Košice)


Marián Mudroch (solo exhibition, Nové Zámky)

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