LÁSZLÓ FEHÉR│Works on paper

April 5 – May 4 2016, Start and end dates

The black flat surfaces present in both drawings and paintings resemble a cosmic dark matter that consumes not only the ‘periphery’ and, typically, the background of the original photographic image, but also abolishes the horizon and the hierarchy of foreground and background, and, as a result, collapses the perspective. The technique also negates the possibility of retracing the relations between these emerging fragments: persons, objects, architecture and elements of landscape. The black surface plane can thus be understood as a transfiguration of the void, a non-existence, in which people and facts are immersed, and which connects the dramatis personae across time and space. The timeless void – which in Fehér’s paintings takes the form of the black surface – constitutes the coordinates of a perspective other than the linear perspective of the Renaissance with its illusion of depth on the flat surface of a painting. It can, for instance, serve as the determinant of a person’s existence, marked by the inescapable ‘memory of generations’ and defined by such involuntary factors as place of birth, denomination, and family ties. 
On view till May 5th. Platan Gallery, Andrássy út 32. 

Opening speech by Anda Rottenberg art historian
The album will be presented by Babiczky Tibor editor from Scolar Publisher
Opening starts on April 5th at 7.00 pm
Curator Tomasz Piars

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