Gate of Never Coming Back, 2015

Aleš Veselý

historical pieces of railway rails and sleepers
;20 m;

As a reminder of the tragic fate of 50 000 Jewish residents of Prague, deported from 1941-1945 from Praha – Bubny Railway Station to the ghettoes and Nazi death camps was unveiled on March 9, 2015 in front of the station building sculpture of Ales Vesely in the form of a 20-metres long statue made of historical rails, a paraphrase to Jacob’s ladder, which also laid the foundation of the Memorial of Silence, the future center of public discussion on our past, with the tragic horrors of the Holocaust and its legacy to the present.
Aleš Veselý lived in his childhood near Bubny Railway Station. During the war he saw from the window of the house to the assembly point in place of the current Parkhotel Prague - Holešovice, which the Jews led away to the station and deported to Nazi death camps. Veselý's father and sister passed through here, fortunately they came back. Testimony of this experience in the author remained for decades before he was able to connect to a particular artwork.

Gate of Never Coming Back of Aleš Veselý laid the foundation for the future Memorial of Silence (News, 2015)

Copyright Aleš Veselý, Památník Šoa Praha, Česká televize

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