All For Money/Money For Nothing, 2016

Konrad Smoleński

series of collages - 9 pieces: G-2389, G-2390, G-2391, G-2392, G-2393, G-2394, G-2395, G-2396, G-2397)
8 cm;19 cm;;15.5 cm;16 cm;;14 cm;16.3 cm;;9.5 cm;16 cm;;11 cm;20 cm;;11 cm;20.5 cm;;10 cm;16 cm;;15 cm;14 cm;;11.2 cm;12.6 cm;

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art

reproduction under license: CC BY-SA

Copyright © courtesy of the artist and the Zachęta — National Gallery of Art

All For Money/Money For Nothing. Konrad Smoleński. Central European Art Database. [online]. 18 Apr 2021

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